Founded in 2012 by award winning documentary producer and former Discovery and National Geographic Programming Executive, Steve Burns, the team at Roller Coaster Road Productions is carving a new path in the filmmaking world.
Today, under Producing and Directing team Alex Sherratt and Sarah Burns, the mission is to tell compelling non-fiction stories that fascinate, inspire, and elevate audiences.


The History of Food

Commissioned for CuriosityStream and now featured on HBO Max, this award-winning series is a 5-part deep-dive into the fascinating stories behind food we eat. Globetrotting and visually striking, the series takes audiences on a mouth-watering, 2-million-year evolutionary journey to reveal the role that diet has played in shaping human history, culture, and biology.

The History of Home:

Narrated by Nick Offerman

This 3-part series is the second installment of RCR’s successful "The History of" anthology for CuriosityStream. This cinematic series delves into the histories and mysteries of our houses and homes throughout the ages by combining stunning visuals, playful and informative narration, and a cast of diverse characters and locations. 


A documentary about one man’s lifelong hunt for his uncles crashed WW2 plane, and the epic adventure in the jungles of Burma that changed his life forever.

Sound Mysteries

A branded digital series for Gizmodo – ‘Sound Mysteries’ explores and investigates mystifying sounds and their fascinating origins. The series uses archive, animation, and expert interview to help audiences visualize scientific concepts. 

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