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Our Story

Roller Coaster Road was founded in 2011 by documentary producer and former Discovery and National Geographic Executive, Steve Burns. 


Committed to high-quality documentary storytelling, over the years we’ve found ourselves on ancient mountain trials, submarines in Cocos Islands, abandoned mineshafts, log-homes on tree-less islands, bugfarms, and even a few French palaces. 


Our series, specials, and branded content have featured on National Geographic, HBO Max, CuriosityStream, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and YouTube.

Meet Our Team

Steve Burns


Steve Burns’s career spans more than 25 years from National Geographic cinematographer/producer to senior executive positions at Discovery Networks, returning to National Geographic as EVP of Global Content for NGC worldwide. In a storied career, Steve has won two Emmys® (for 5 Years on Mars and Spirit of the Rainforest). His teams have been nominated for two Academy Awards, won two Peabody Awards, and received over 250 Emmy® nominations. Programming highlights include Titanic Live with James Cameron, Raising the Mammoth, Deadliest Catch, Five Years on Mars, Great Migrations and Brain Games. Recently, Steve was Chief Content Officer for CuriosityStream until he returned to his role as Founder and Managing Director for Roller Coaster Road Productions.

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Executive Producer

Sarah Burns

Thanks to her filmmaker father, Sarah’s had a camera in hand since she was 3 years old. Sarah started her career in LA at Original Productions as a freelance director and producer, working on some top TV's hits including Lifetime’s “Project Runway”, Showtime’s “The Circus”, Discovery Channel’s “Finding Escobar’s Millions”, and A&E’s “Storage Wars”. These days, Sarah lives her dream of traveling to far-flung corners of the world to tell engaging stories about science, society, and the natural world.


Alex Sherratt

Executive Producer

Alex began his career in LA’s dynamic unscripted TV world producing shows like A&E’s “Storage Wars”, Discovery Channel’s “Finding Escobar’s Millions”, and series for TLC and Lifetime. At Roller Coaster Road, Alex directs and produces the kind of stories he could only dream of growing up in Australia as a young documentary dork. Today, whether it’s bobbing awkwardly in a shark cage, or blowing the whistle while riding a steam train through a scorching desert, Alex will venture anywhere and everywhere in search of a good story. Now, Alex glady travels the world to meet fascinating characters and creatures as a director of history, science, and natural history productions.

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We work with some of the best in the industry.


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